From chaos to...

Declutter your mind
Detox your life

“Life Coaching is about feeling someone pushing you from behind and realizing it’s you.”

Hey I’m Kate! I am a certified Life Coach, and my passion is empowering teens and adults of all ages to declutter their minds, detox their lives, step into their greatness and design a life of excellence! I am 100% committed to helping YOU discover your greatest God-given potential, get UNSTUCK and achieve success & happiness in all areas of your life. Together we will identify & eliminate all roadblocks, declutter your mind and space, remove all negatives that are draining your energy, and create a new exciting path full of GROWTH, DISCOVERY, PURPOSE & FUN! Throughout your personal life coaching program, we will create a positive, proactive environment that will help you recognize all unhealthy thoughts, behaviors and habits that are creating these roadblocks, and replace them with ones that are more positive, productive and effective. We will work together to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle designed to fit YOUR needs, and bring back the passion, joy and peace in your life!


Fitness & Health

  • Lose weight, improve energy and reach optimal health
  • Establish better eating habits, for you and your family
  • Learn effective exercises to do from home or the gym
  • Learn how to read food labels, shop healthy & prepare quick meals for the entire family


  • Identify and eliminate roadblocks to success
  • Change careers
  • Start a small business/Become a “mompreneur” from home with your kids
  • Identify & develop your strengths & imporove leadership, interpersonal & communication skills

Holistic Improvement

  • Reach your potential & discover your purpose
  • Make lifestyle changes in all areas & GET UNSTUCK!
  • Completely shift your mindset- eliminate all “blocks” & attract what you want!
  • Hit the “reset” button and start fresh

Patterns & Habits

  • Get rid of “head and space“ clutter
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Set measurable & attainable goals
  • Value and control your time- own your schedule

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